You’re Moving. Which Books Do You Save?

Last September, I made my official move out of my mother's house. My dad got behind the wheel of the U-Haul and carted my stuff -- furniture, pots & pans, clothing, knickknacks, and tubs and tubs of books -- over 300 miles north. For the first time ever, I had all of my belongings in… Continue reading You’re Moving. Which Books Do You Save?


21 Intriguing Titles from the Lesbian Library

As I have previous mentioned, I am lucky enough to live just down the block from a fabulous lesbian library. It's stocked with everything you might imagine or expect -- fiction, poetry, self-help books, books on lesbian and women's herstory, feminist theory, feminist theology, memoir and biography, lesbian cookbooks (which, I assume, instruct you to… Continue reading 21 Intriguing Titles from the Lesbian Library

Pride Month Book List

A few years ago I began my personal tradition of reading only LGBT books during the month of June -- gay pride month. Since I tend to read a lot of gay books not only in June but throughout the year, I try to use June to focus more on the lesbian classics or queer… Continue reading Pride Month Book List