Bookstagrams & Summertime

I’m officially finished with my second semester of library school,

so to celebrate, my girlfriend and I went for a little vacation at a nearby lakeside town. We stayed at this bed & breakfast called the Allyn Mansion, which was possibly the coolest place I’ve ever spent the night (and I’ve spent the night in some weird places). It was dark and moody and absolutely chock full of beautiful and strange antiques. My girlfriend was convinced it was haunted, and she may have been right. I mean, it was built in 1886 — something scandalous has to have happened there in that time, right?

It was also perfect for book photography. I became a little obsessed with finding spots around the house where I could artistically arrange a book and a few antiques to create a nice photo op, like this one:


Do you have a bookstagram? If so, let me know in the comments! I’d love to check it out.


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