Top Ten Words That Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

Top Ten TuesdayThis is last week’s Top Ten Tuesday at The Broke and the Bookish, but I’m doing it this week because I can!

These are the top ten words and/or topics that will make me turn down a book.

1. “Motherhood” — I’m not anywhere near that point in my life yet.

2. Christian fiction

3. “Steamy” — Don’t get me wrong, I like a good steamy scene every now and then, but it needs to fit naturally into the story. It can’t be cheesy.

4. “Zombies” — Just no interest. I don’t understand the hype.

5. “Christmas” — Unless it’s A Christmas Carol, I’m usually bored by Christmas-themed books (although I love Christmas itself!).

6. Sports

7. Aliens

8. Chick lit — Ugh! I hate this term!

9. Mystery — I just want to know who done it!

10. Any sort of diet book

What makes you put a book down?


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