21 Intriguing Titles from the Lesbian Library

via lesbianherstoryarchives.org

As I have previous mentioned, I am lucky enough to live just down the block from a fabulous lesbian library. It’s stocked with everything you might imagine or expect — fiction, poetry, self-help books, books on lesbian and women’s herstory, feminist theory, feminist theology, memoir and biography, lesbian cookbooks (which, I assume, instruct you to cook food, not lesbians).  It’s a treasure trove.

I ventured down to check it out today, and the following titles caught my eye.

1. Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts: Feminist Essays by Joanna Russ

2. Lesbian Lists by Dell Richards

3. Hillbilly Women by Kathy Kahn

4. The Madwoman’s Underclothes by Germaine Greer

5. Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex by Pat Califia

6. The Sacrament of Abortion by Ginette Paris (I definitely don’t remember learning about this one in Sunday School.)

7. Homosexuality: The Secret a Child Dare Not Tell by Mary Ann Cantwell

8. The Apparitional Lesbian by Terry Castle (Now you see her, now you don’t!)

9. The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Cars by Lisa Murr Chapman (Is this book really necessary for lesbians?)

10. For Lesbians Only: A Separatist Anthology edited by Sarah Lucia Hoagland & Julia Penelope

11. Perfection Salad: Women and Cooking at the Turn of the Century by Laura Shapiro

12. Sappho Goes to Law School by Ruthann Robson

13. Lesbian Gothic: Transgressive Fictions by Paulina Palmer

14. Women Prefer Women by Elula Perrin

15. Lesbian Sex: An Oral History by Susan E. Johnson

16. My God, My Child is Gay! by Ann Kateri

17. Multiple Sarcasms by Alice Kahn (with an introduction by Whoopi Goldberg)

18. After the Ball by Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen (This one makes me giggle.)

19. The Bisexual Option by Fritz Klein, M.D. (Who knew I had this option?!)

20. The Butch Cookbook by Lee Lynch, Nel Ward & Sue Hardesty

21. The Lesbian Erotic Cookbook by Ffiona Morgan


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